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Hypnotherapy | Hypnotic 1 - Phoenix, AZ

Modern medicine has failed us. Although it may have many wonderful applications, the profit motivation has corrupted all...

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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking | Hypnotic 1 - Phoenix, AZ

Make the move! Stop smoking in 1 – 7 days once and for all with no withdrawal. In fact the more you smoked the easier...

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss | Hypnotic 1 - Phoenix, AZ,AZ

Hypnotic 1 in Phoenix, AZ, has a very successful weight loss program. It is unique in that it requires no change in diet, exercise...

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Welcome To Hypnotic 1

Take control of your life and break any habit in a week or less. Hypnotherapy has proven an effective treatment for reprogramming the brain and overcoming addiction. You can stop smoking and have weight loss results fast. This is an easy, non – invasive therapy that helps you meet your goals immediately. Does this sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy reveals just how malleable our brains really are. The most recent revelations of science have uncovered the quantum field that we are immersed in. This field is governed by our desire, and responds to it very quickly. The infinite potential for goodness in your life is floating in probability waves within your reach. All you need to do is believe and grab it!

The unconscious aspect of our minds is vastly larger than the conscious parts. It is the unconscious realm that runs our automatic systems of the body, such as our nervous system, breathing, and instinctual processes. The unconscious mind has been referred to as “the blueprint level”, meaning that it is the foundation our conscious beliefs and habits are built on. If you want lasting change, the blueprint level is where you must visit to reprogram your brain.

This can be accomplished with a steady application of will. Those who have cultivated awareness disciplines like meditation and yoga can do it with ease. For the rest of us, it is often a struggle. But what are we struggling against? If we have a new desire, such as quitting smoking, why can’t we achieve it without such struggle?

This is because you are struggling against yourself. Your past desires and beliefs that reinforce your unwanted habits are holding a strong pattern in your unconscious mind. You have programmed your brain to positively reinforce this desire. Even a negative behavior can be given enough positive reinforcement to overcome any feedback. This is the power of our minds, for good or ill.

The trained hypnotists at our Phoenix, AZ, location understand these struggles, and have developed techniques to trip the hardware of our minds, resetting the blueprint level with your new desire. This technique can be used for any change desired. You can reprogram beliefs about yourself that may have been incorrectly implanted by a difficult childhood.

With the help of Hypnotic 1, you can change any habit you find unpleasant, such as:

• Chewing your nails
• Eating disorders and losing weight
• Sleep disorders, grinding your teeth, and even nightmares
• Marital and relationship conflicts
• Self - esteem issues
• Pain control
• Drug or alcohol addictions
• Anxiety, panic attacks, and fears
• Grief counseling

We are happy to boast a 98% success rate at Hypnotic 1! We are in Phoenix, AZ. If you live here, or are a seasonal visitor, come and visit us to discover how we can help you!

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