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Modern medicine has failed us. Although it may have many wonderful applications, the profit motivation has corrupted all of its offices. People don’t trust it, and are coming to resent its massive profits at the expense of their health. There is a simple way for this corruption to end - stop supporting it. Invest in your own health, and don’t take advice from those who have a vested interest in your illness.

The term “iatrogenic sickness” means sickness derived from medical treatment, and in America it is one of the top three killers. Our treatment for sickness should not be on the list of most deadly things, let alone in the top three. The pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable industry in America - and all these drugs do is mask symptoms and create even deadlier ones that require more drugs. Hypnotherapy does the opposite, going straight to the root issue and removing the glitch with no side effects.

This cycle of abuse has to stop, and hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to empower people to be their own doctors. A reason a person may choose pharmaceutical drugs (with full knowledge of the side effects) over hypnotherapy is fear of the unknown, and fear of their own inherent power. Our schools and media have trained us to look to outside experts for direction, and not to trust the wayward intuitions of our hearts. These institutions have done this not because it is true, but simply to make money off of our fear and misplaced needs. The body can supply anything we need, and hypnotherapy offers a route to get to the storehouse of our desires.

Hypnotherapy has no side effects other than an abiding sense of peace. This practice can be used to cure any habit or belief that causes sickness. It is our minds that invite sickness, and our minds that can cure us. If this truth was known, America’s 100 billion dollar cancer industry would suffer. Don’t buy the lie - choose Hypnotic 1 to experience a deeper truth of you, and be forever changed. Call us now in Phoenix, AZ!

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