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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking | Hypnotic 1 - Phoenix, AZ

Make the move! Stop smoking in 1 – 7 days once and for all with no withdrawal. In fact the more you smoked the easier it is to quit. What a concept! We are turning it all around with profound hypnotherapy techniques that redesign your brain to stop smoking. “Train the brain and the body will follow” is our motto for a reason.

Our “fast track” stop smoking program is one of the most successful programs out there today because it was designed to counter and reprogram each reason you smoke. Our dynamic technique shifts each motivation for smoking to a more positive desire that reinforces itself, and makes quitting easy. Can’t believe it? Have you heard that nicotine is more difficult to kick than heroin? We beg to differ. We have a 98% success rate which reflects the power of your mind to overcome any obstacle.

Our program eliminates all the reasons you had for smoking, and leaves you with no cravings. It conditions you to replace your automatic smoking responses with new and beneficial healthy ones. These healthier desires quickly replace negative programming, and reinforce themselves so that many aspects of your life become brighter because of this one change. No stress and no forcing.

For those of you who chew tobacco, we have designed a special program called “Chew No More.” This has the unique specifications to address the programming of the mind of one who chews so the compulsion does not shift to food or candy, but is pulled out at the root.

For both the stop smoking and chew no more programs we ask you not to make any conscious changes the first week so we can craft the program around your conditioned responses. You transition will be a mental paradigm shift towards something you want, not giving up something you want. Positive reinforcement is the easiest and surest way to lasting change. Call for your free consultation today!

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