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Weight Loss

Weight Loss | Hypnotic 1 - Phoenix, AZ

Hypnotic 1 in Phoenix, AZ, has a very successful weight loss program. It is unique in that it requires no change in diet, exercise or pills. If you love food and dislike exercise, this is the program for you! How is it possible? Hypnotherapy is the key.

Over eating is motivated by many complex factors. At our free consultation we speak in depth about your feelings toward your nutritional habits. Through deep understanding of how the mind works, we are able to pinpoint the factors that motivate this destructive habit. Using auto suggestion, our trained professionals are able to release your mind of the conditioning that has enslaved you to over-eating.

Self-esteem is closely linked with self-image, and it is appropriate for a healthy body to feel good and an unhealthy one to feel sluggish. The body sends honest messages that we can use to communicate deeper with ourselves. Listening to your body and your deepest desires is part of weight loss. Sometimes people over eat to silence the body’s messages. This is a practice that is not helping anyone. Our hypnotherapy staff travels with you to a place of understanding where the connection can be reestablished, and more harmonizing behavior results.

Positive changes in the brain are contagious and spread throughout the whole being. When you try our weight loss program, you are opening yourself up to a host of new and positive ways of living. You will not be disappointed! Call us in Phoenix for your first appointment!

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